Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy as you journey through.

CLR was guided through this process by an excellent design team that included our copywriter Marianne and web designer Art, based here in Philadelphia, and included our in-house graphics department and CLR principals.  Thanks to all.

The premise for the site began with our partner Gary Lee’s sketchbooks from the many safari travels around the world that he, other members of our office, and friends and clients have taken over the years. These travels provide the basis for research and inspiration for projects.

Gary loves to write and draw about his experiences and these sketchbooks have become a CLR novelty, holding a wealth of animal and habitat information, as well as recording the many humorous adventures with friends and clients. When Art started paging through these sketchbooks, he was immediately inspired to design the concept of a safari journey through our web site.  Through this journey you will learn about who we are, what we do, and see lots of beautiful images of our work, as well as some fun images of where we work.

Our firm’s experience, vision, and personality are embodied throughout this site.  Please leave a comment about what you think and don’t forget to download our unique safari photo game developed by Amanda & Nancy. We hope you enjoy it!