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A satisfied client is how we measure success. The winning of awards just makes what we do all the more gratifying. We are pleased and humbled that our exhibits have won 15 AZA awards to date. Our exhibits have also been recognized for design excellence and preservation efforts by establishments ranging from The Los Angeles Board of Cultural Affairs to the Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission.

Selected Awards

2015 AZA Exhibit Award - Top Honors
Snow Monkey Exhibit - Great Plains Zoo

2012 AZA Exhibit Award - Significant Achievement
African Elephant Crossing - Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

2011 AZA Exhibit Award - Top Honors
Museum of Living Art - Fort Worth Zoo

2011 AZA Exhibit Award - Significant Achievement
Giants of the Savanna - Dallas Zoo

2009 CAZA Baines Award for Outstanding Achievement
Tundra Trek - Toronto Zoo

2009 AZA Significant Achievement Award
Watani Grasslands Reserve - North Carolina Zoo

2006 AZA Exhibit Award
Entrance & Predator Ridge - Denver Zoological Gardens

2005 AZA Exhibit Award
Range of the Jaguar - Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

2003 AZA Exhibit Award
Gorilla Forest - Louisville Zoological Gardens

2002 AZA Significant Achievement Award
The Birdhouse at Riverbanks - Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

1995 AZA Exhibit Award
Northern Trail - Woodland Park Zoo